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Under the Rug (2004)

Audio & Score

for chamber orchestra
duration: 5'30"

Commissioned by Roy G. Niederhoffer for Concert Artists Guild, and written for the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony.
Premiered June 22, 2004. Merkin Concert Hall.

"Under the Rug" is inspired by the picture-perfect world of 1950s suburbia - or, at least, how that world was portrayed on television. Imagine, if you will, a 1950s housewife, dressed in pearls, vacuuming her seemingly immaculate house. Her pas-de-deux with her beloved vacuum is interrupted by the appearance of a little dust bunny, stirred up by her movement. She chases it with the vacuum, but it blows away, always just ahead. Her pursuit becomes more and more urgent until she hurtles into madness. And just when, at last, she captures her quarry, many more appear, a legion of dust bunnies, stirred up by her frenzy. The more obsessed she becomes in her efforts to stamp out imperfection, the more she summons the chaos that will overtake her.
And you can dance to it!