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Let Me Be
        Frank With You

Sheltering Sky

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This Cruel Moon

Lightning Field


Sheltering Sky


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Until the Scars

The Rumor of
        a Secret King


Hymn to a Blue Hour

Night on Fire

Ringmaster's March

Strange Humors


Unquiet Spirits



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Asphalt Cocktail

Aurora Awakes

The Frozen Cathedral

Fanfare for
       Full Fathom Five

High Wire

Kingfishers Catch Fire


The Night Garden

Places we can
       no longer go


Redline Tango


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Songs from the
       End of the World

The Soul Has
   Many Motions



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Turning (2007)

Audio & Score

for wind ensemble
duration: 9'

Grade 5

Click to buy : Score: $40. Parts for hire.

Commissioned by Josh Thompson, Lake Zurich High School; Jim Kull, St. Charles East High School; Jon Walsh, Conant High School; Ramiro Barrera, James Logan High School; Steve Andre, Grapevine High School; Marc Mueller, Moore High School; Phil Obado, University High School; Bobby Francis, Texas Christian University; and David Papenhagen, Portage Northern High School.
Consortium organized by Josh Thompson

"Turning" was commissioned by a consortium led by my high school friend, Josh Thompson, who is now a high school band director in the Chicago area. The overriding idea when writing the piece was to convey "strong" beauty as well as loss, rather than traditional "pretty" lyricism.
I chose the title "Turning" for this piece because the word can mean any number of things, all of which might be heard in the piece itself. It could refer to the turning of a massive, prehistoric planet, as the first signs of life begin to bubble up from cracks in the ground. It could refer to the turning of leaves in the fall, a beautiful - but melancholy - thing to see. Or, in the piece's darkest moments, the title could refer to the turning of a knife into one's chest.