Wind Ensemble


Let Me Be
        Frank With You

Sheltering Sky

Strange Humors


Grade 2-2.5:



Grade 3:

This Cruel Moon

Lightning Field


Sheltering Sky


Grade 4 / 4+:

Until the Scars

The Rumor of
        a Secret King


Hymn to a Blue Hour

Night on Fire

Ringmaster's March

Strange Humors


Unquiet Spirits



Grade 5 / 5+:

Asphalt Cocktail

Aurora Awakes

The Frozen Cathedral

Fanfare for
       Full Fathom Five

High Wire

Kingfishers Catch Fire


The Night Garden

Places we can
       no longer go


Redline Tango


Sacred Spaces

Songs from the
       End of the World

The Soul Has
   Many Motions



Wine-Dark Sea:
     Symphony for Band



Antique Violences:
     Trumpet Concerto

Drum Music: Perc. Cto

Harvest: Tbn. Cto.

Sop. Sax Concerto


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Music for Theater

Works in Progress


Snarl (2018)

Audio & Score

for concert band
duration: 2'45"
Grade 2/2.5

Click to buy : Full set $120. Extra 9x12 score $25.

Written as a gift for United Sound.

World premiere March 17, 2018.

In March 2016, I attended a rehearsal featuring students from the United Sound mentoring program - a program to encourage musicians with special needs to play side by side with general education musicians in the same ensemble. The empathy I experienced in that room was overwhelming. I cried, regained my composure, and asked if I could write a piece for United Sound.  The result is “Snarl.”

Everyone gets picked on at some point - I know I did, especially in gym class. It’s a horrible feeling.  “Snarl” refuses to be bullied, from the opening saxophone section multiphonic, to the flutter-tongued winds and the crashes of cymbals.

“Snarl” is a gift to United Sound in thanks for making those mentored students feel not only special, but strong.